Miss Multinational is an International Beauty Pageant, which aims to empower women all across the world. It has gained immense popularity in the past few years and the 3rd Edition of Miss Multinational is all set to take place in Vietnam in April 2023. Miss Multinational promotes diverse cultures and heritage of different countries and gives a platform for women to advocate their opinions.

Miss Multinational is owned by Glamanand Group Pvt. Ltd. which is the parent company of various National and International Beauty pageants. The next edition of Miss Multinational will be greater than ever and will be live-streamed on the Facebook Page and Youtube Channel of Miss Multinational and Glamanand respectively. It shall have great production standards, stage design and entertainment this edition.

Our vision is to find someone, who can not only mesmerize the world with her physical beauty and confidence but also would work towards the betterment of the world as a family. She would go on to become a figure whom people will look up to and will be able to influence millions of people in every possible way.